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What is an arch fault breaker?

Arch-fault Circuit Breakers are intended to notice the presence of a loose connection or arch in the circuit. They are intended to lower the likely hood of an electrical fire caused by heat due to a loose connection.  The protection also extends to anything plugged into the curcuit such as lamps, or computers.  Arch-fault protection is required throughout a home with the exception of the bathroom, and the garage.  If you are adding plugs or lighting to your home, the National Electrical Code requires arch-fault curcuit breakers to be installed.

If you own an older house here in Colorado Springs, chances are you will want to upgrade your service in the future, possibly when you add Air Conditioning. Regional Building Department does not require installation of Arch-fault breakers if just the service panel is being upgraded, which saves the average customer around $300. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call to talk about your options.

How soon can you get to my project?

That very much depends on the size of project and how many other jobs we currently have in the schedule. We are a small business and we do our best to meet everyones needs as soon as we can.  It can be expected to be one to two weeks before we can respond to a work request if it is not an emergency.